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Ok so I can't think of a more exciting title for my fajitas. Maybe that's because there really is no recipe. I created a blog category called "What to make for dinner tonight?" and it's meant to be a quick and easy resource for those who, like me, can't think of dinner ideas and are getting tired of throwing frozen pizzas in the oven. Ok so maybe I've only done that a couple of times, but still, no one likes the indecisiveness of what to make for dinner.

So today's dinner idea is fajitas!

I'll share what I put in mine. The ingredients you use are completely based on your food preferences, pickiness level, food tolerance, allowed to eat foods, so on and so forth.

If your veg, omit the meat and use tofu or just stick to the beans if you're tofu-phobic.

If you can't eat nightshades, omit the peppers and tomatoes.

If you're gluten-free, don't have fajitas. Have tacos instead.

If you eat it all, then go nuts!

Ingredients I used:

- Small flour tortillas (these are a must for fajitas!)

- Left over beef strips

- Red peppers, cut lengthwise

- Avocado

- Tomato

- Black beans, canned (of course)

- Iceberg lettuce

- Cheddar cheese, a little grated

- Salsa

- Garlic for cooking

How I prepared them:

- I sautéed the beef strips in olive oil with garlic

- I sautéed the red peppers in olive oil with garlic, in separate pan

- Ed made the black beans yesterday. He sautées- you guessed it - garlic in a small pot and adds the black beans, without rinsing them (yup, no rinsing! Feels like a food crime)

- I sliced 1 small avocado and placed them on a plate

- I cut 1 medium tomato in cubes

- I chopped, washed and dried iceberg lettuce

- I heated the tortillas- 2 at a time in a large pan - for about a minute or less per side

- I assembled the fajita starting with the beef, and I honestly forgot the order of the rest, but I grated a little bit of cheddar cheese on top

- I added a bit of salsa that I just bought this evening at my market job

- Take as many bites as you need to to finish the fajita, and make sure to make yourself a second one, of course, if your appetite and stomach allows :-)

Nutrition: Yes! Lots of nutrition!


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