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What is Intuitive Drinking?

There is no formal definition. I define it as having a respectful and mindful relationship to alcohol that puts your emotional and mental well-being at the forefront, respects your physical body, and honours your authenticity

Intuitive drinking is neither abstinence from alcohol, nor does it mean a person has to drink. Intuitive Drinking means establishing a respectful relationship with alcohol which prioritizes one’s emotional and mental well-being. For some, this means not drinking at all, for others, it could mean drinking occasionally, or even regularly, but the drinking experience is mindful and respectful to self and others.

I get the drinking dilemma...

  • ​You consider yourself healthy, yet you still drink... sometimes a lot!

  • Te consideras sana, pero igual tomas...a veces harto!

  • Taking time off drinking feels like the only solution

  • Sientes que la unica solucion es abstener  

  • It's hard to say No! when someone wants to top you up or offers you a drink

  • Encuentras dificil decir "no" cuando alguien te ofrece otro trago

  • "How much did I drink last night?" is a question you often ask yourself when waking up in the morning, especially on the weekend.  

  • "Cuanto tome anoche?" es algo que te preguntas frecuentemente cuando despiertas el fin de semana. 

  • You beat yourself up for drinking despite knowing that it makes you feel shitty afterwards​

  • Te frustras contigo misma por haber decidido tomar sabiendo que te hace sentir mal despues. 

  • You know you don't have a serious drinking problem but question your drinking habits often

  • Sabes que no tienes un problema serio, pero cuestionas tus habitos con el alcol

  • You wish you were someone who could 'leave or take' alcohol​

  • Deseas ser de esas personas que puede facilmente decirle "no" al alcol

Entiendo el dilema de tomar alcol...

Pensive with wine in hand
Picnic in the park

What if you could...?

  • Stop the back and forth thoughts about drinking or not drinking tonight

  • ​​Swap your love-hate relationship with alcohol to one of enjoyment 

  • Put an end to the drink --> guilt --> regret cycle 


  • Find a different way to feel good and have fun

  • Feel satisfied with less alcohol  

  • Think less about drinking

  • Stop feeling like you're missing out on fun

  • Be at peace with yourself and your drinking 

  • Stop feeling like alcohol controls you and start actually feeling in control of alcohol

Imaginate que pudieras...

1:1 coaching for women who want to improve their relationship to alcohol so that they can be in the driver's seat of their drinking and feel at peace with themselves. 

Intuitive Drinking Coaching

77 Essex 2.jpg
Happy in Tuscany

Change the way you think about drinking...

  • There's nothing wrong with you

  • Drinking is learned 

  • Drinking is a habit

  • Drinking is rewarding

  • And your brain loves rewards

  • Learn to challenge your drinking thoughts

  • And create new thoughts that elicit feeling at peace, content, grounded, and playful

  • And go out and play! 

Food, wine and work

Intuitive Drinking Coaching

Coaching Packages

  Sliding Scale Pricing  

Single Session (FREE!)

  • 1 x 45-60 minute session

  • Includes brief written summary of session

3 Session Package

  • 3 x 60 minute biweekly sessions

  • Includes brief written summary of sessions

6 Session Package

  • 6 x 60 minute biweekly sessions

  • Includes brief written summary of sessions


12 Session Package - Deep Dive

  • 12 x 60 minute biweekly sessions

  • Includes brief written summary of sessions 

Not sure which package is best suited for you? Not sure if the Intuitive/Non-diet approach is right for you?  Book a free consult call and we can chat about it. ​

A Woman's Guide to Making Peace with Drinking 

Start your journey to making peace with drinking and feel at peace with yourself. In this guide you'll be prompted with powerful questions to ask yourself when you desire a drink. Gain insight and begin to understand why you drink, and begin to change your relationship to alcohol. Drop your name and email below to receive the guide! 

Wine and cheese by the greenery
Fall photoshoot

Hi, I'm Violeta! A nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counsellor and integrative life coach. I've been a grey-area drinker since my early 20s. Drinking in my late teens/early 20s gave me a sense of identity. I was no longer that awkward high school girl and could now give my high school days the middle finger. I was now a party girl. I had found a way out of being shy and insecure. I suddenly felt cool and fit in. Drinking gave me the confidence I never had.

And before I knew it these became a regular part of life....
  🍷 Stopping at the liquor store on Fridays 
  🍷 And eventually weekdays too 
  🍷 Relaxing with a drink at the end of the day 
  🍷 Having a drink before supper to gain an appetite 
  🍷 Drinking at every single social event and vacation
  🍷 Pre-drinks, post-drinks
  🍷 Food pairing drinks
  🍷 It's a beautiful spring day drinks
  🍷 Lonely & boredom drinks
  🍷 Happy & celebratory drinks 

And I quickly fell down the drinking rabbit hole.

I woke up one Saturday morning and felt a desire to talk to someone about my drinking. The thought of it was scary. Not gonna lie. I didn't feel I was completely out of control or anything, but it felt like something I needed to do regardless. Having the 'tolerance of a guy' was not something I necessarily want to pride myself in. In August 2022, I read a book about a party girl and health coach (like me), and described scenarios that were all too familiar. This became my cue to distance myself from alcohol and create some boundaries, but unlike the author, I didn't give up alcohol.  I trusted myself enough to be able to improve my drinking habits without having to quit. 

Intuitive drinking is not a formal term. For me, it's been about exploring my inner world, and gaining an understanding of why I drink. Intuitive drinking is about getting curious, reflecting, and questioning some the reasons we drink. It is an internal exploration, not a set of rules to follow, like in diet culture. It's not cutting back because it's "bad for health". It's more than that. It comes from within. This is the "intuitive" aspect of this journey. It's self-trust and curiosity vs rules and judgement. And this is why I've created the Women Drink-less Intuitively program. It lives in my heart.

If you're someone like me and feel torn about your drinking, I want to say a few things to you...

You don't drink because you're out of control, or wild. You're not undisciplined or weak. You don't lack willpower. You're human - which means you're imperfect. You want to feel good, not pain nor discomfort. You want to connect to your past through your nostalgia. You long for connection and belonging. And alcohol is there for you.  It's consistent and reliable. There is no shame in that.

And I encourage you to join me in this inner exploration. 

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