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Naan Pizza

Naan pizza is a super simple, quick and most importantly, a delicious dinner. I first tried naan pizza a few years back when my brother made some and put them on the BBQ. So good! Use your favourite toppings. Pizza topping options are many. Basil for me is a must on pizza. The two pizzas pictured here are:

Bottom pizza:

- 1 whole wheat naan bread

- half a sliced roma tomato

- 4 bocconcini slices

- a little grated mozza

- salt & pepper

- drizzle/guzzle olive oil

- 1/2 crushed garlic

- Almost forgot! I added a few slivered almonds for crunchiness and fun!

Top pizza:

- 1 whole wheat naan (I told my son it was white)

- Pizza sauce, couple of tablespoons

- grated mozza cheese to taste

- basil leaves for decoration and flavour, of course

Directions (if you must know):

I heated the oven to 400 degrees F.

I cooked the pizzas for 10 minutes.

I took my photos and ate my pizza shortly after (the bottom one).

Nutrition info: satisfaction factor was high, fullness level was perfect, the pizza has carbs, protein, fats...everything you need. Super balanced.

I truly love naan pizzas!


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