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Hi! I'm Violeta, a bread-loving nutritionist and intuitive eating counselor

No seriously, I friggin' LOVE bread! 

I began my intuitive eating journey mid year 2021. Hearing women say they'd tried (a diet) and failed, over and over again, and thinking I had a different solution but really didn't, there came to a point where I said "There's gotta be a different way".


I went into intuitive eating, initially, for professional reasons. To continue helping women but through a different lens instead. Little did I know that before I could get there, and help other women in the way I wanted, I had to confront and come to terms with my own disordered eating story, and do a whole lot of unlearning - especially around health.  

My relationship to food wasn't as wonderful as I'd always believed. And that's partly because many disordered eating behaviours are normalized, especially if they come off as "health" promoting. Maybe some of these sound familiar to you... 


  • Sandwiches: open-faced or only from a healthy restaurant or café 

  • Lunch in my 20s: Apples and almonds. And water. While I was at school studying 

  nutrition (normalized disordered eating behaviour)

  • Carbs/Starches: I had to earn them and keep track (i.e. the more I exercised, the more     carbs I could eat)

  • A whole lot of "keeping track"


  • Skipping breakfast after a night of indulging, or making sure I hit the gym that day


  • Healthy/unhealthy foods list: Which gives food moral value 

  • Feeling like there was always a better way to be healthier 


  • Feeling "yucky" if I didn't work out for too many days in a row


  • Being considered the "healthy and fit" one by family

  • Yet I drank too much 


  • A whole lot of healthism


  • I always detested cleanses and detoxes

  • Purposely restricting foods felt torturous and depressing so I avoided it

  • I never felt 'disciplined' enough to be stricter with my diet

  • I started eating more meat during and after my pregnancy (I listened to my body which at the time gave me strong signals to eat more meat) 

  • My period normalized after having my son

  • I never gave up bread, no matter how "bad" gluten was/is

  • I learned that food and diet aren't the be-all-and-end-all of health. In fact, it's rather a small percentage of our overall health. Phew. 

  • I discovered intuitive eating 

  • I freed myself from food rules and healthism! 

  • A huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I began to feel like I was living my authentic life. Living in authenticity felt like a vague concept until I began to experience it.

  • And I want the same for you! 


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