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Hi! I'm Violeta. And this is my bio. 

I'm Violeta Puente, a dietetics-trained nutritionist in the Toronto/Hamilton area in Canada.  

Growing up, my family moved around a few times. I was born in Canada and shortly after we moved to Peru, and then Chile, my parents' birth country, and I was back in Canada by the age of 8. My family valued social equality. They worked for NGOs in Canada and in South America. My father built affordable housing and my mother worked in women's organizations. 

My nutrition career has been another journey in my life. I got a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition & Food, then a Master's in Human Nutrition. My Master's project looked at the types of foods households purchased according to income level in Guatemala. After three or four (I can't even remember anymore) attempts at becoming a registered dietitian, I decided to become a holistic nutritionist. I topped that off with a functional nutrition certification. 

And only recently did I decide to pursue intuitive eating, and put my holistic title on a little boat to sail off to sea. As a person who believes everyone should have access to nutritious food and clean water, and as someone who loves all foods- especially bread, butter and cheese- holistic nutrition no longer resonated with me. 

The Intuitive Eating movement, instead, aligns with my beliefs and values. Intuitive Eating does not demonize foods or blame individuals for their health problems. Intuitive Eating acknowledges the Social Determinants of Health, the non-medical factors that influence health, like education, income and access to food. 

​Prior to joining intuitive eating, I had a program that helped women 40+ balance their blood sugars so that they could achieve their happy weight and gain energy. I've since discontinued my program, since it involves portion control and counting which dismisses a person's specific hunger and satiety cues, and goes against intuitive eating. 

I am currently working on a new program called the Diet-Free Happy Me program which will help women say good-bye to dieting for good while helping them make peace with food and eating. 

I'm so pumped!