I'm Violeta Puente, a holistic nutritionist in the Toronto/Hamilton area in Canada.  

I grew up in a fairly holistic household. I started seeing a naturopath at the age of nine, my 12th birthday cake was made of carob and spelt (no I didn't really like it!), and Lucky Charms cereal was a yearly treat at best. My family also valued social equality. My parents worked for NGOs in Canada and in South America. We lived in Peru and Chile before heading back north. 

My nutrition formation took somewhat of a similar road, though maybe in a different order. I got a Bachelor's degree in nutrition, then a Master's. I focused my Master's project on food insecurity where I studied the relationship between income level and food purchases. A few years later I became a holistic nutritionist and, in my community in Hamilton, held a Community Kitchen program. Finally, I topped off my holistic nutrition designation with a functional nutrition certification. You can learn more about functional nutrition here

Improving health does not have to be complicated. Sometimes a few small changes can make a big difference. But it is important to identify the root cause and understand how our systems interact with and influence each other. This is where real healing happens. 

I work with individuals with blood sugar irregularities. Blood sugar irregularities can include insulin resistance, elevated blood sugar levels (above "optimal"), pre-diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Symptoms of blood sugar irregularities include fatigue, sugar and carb cravings, mood disturbances like irritability and depression, aches and pains, among many others. If this sounds like you be sure to click the button below and get in touch. Read more about insulin resistance and blood sugar abnormalities here


Fun Facts about me:

-  My Master's was a time extreme highs and lows. Lows: I encountered an unfortunate turn of events and could not complete my dietetic internship. I was crushed. Highs: At the same time, I had the best supervisor who gave me the freedom to be creative with the data he handed me. I ended up presenting my findings in a conference IN San Diego and even won an award! I was ecstatic.  

- When I was 4 and lived in Peru, chicken feet was one of my favourite foods. 

- One of my favourite places is the Elqui Valley in Chile. 

- I love love coffee! I also love wine but if I had to pick I'd choose coffee. 

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