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Food & Body Image coaching

Coaching de Autoimagen y Relacion con la Comida 

For women who care about their health & well-being, and want to feel at peace with food and their bodies.

Para las mujeres que valoran la salud y el bienestar, y quieren crear paz con la comida y sus cuerpos.

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  • you won't feel so confused about food, like what foods are good, bad, healthy, unhealthy, what you should and shouldn't eat, etc. 

  • you'll stop feeling out of control around food

  • you'll stop believing that you're always doing something wrong when it comes eating

  • you'll stop hating your body and begin appreciating it

  • you'll stop believing that happiness only exists after weight loss 

  • you will learn to feel enough as YOU are

  • and more!!

How food & body image coaching
can help you feel at peace:

Como el coaching de nutricion intuitiva
te puede ayudar sentirte en paz:

  • dejaras de sentirte confundida con la comida, por ejemplo, que comer, que no comer, que es bueno, malo, sano, que deberias comer, etc.

  • dejaras de sentirte fuera de control con la comida 

  • dejaras de creer que siempre estas haciendo algo incorrecto con la comida

  • dejaras de odiar tu cuerpo y empezaras a apreciarlo

  • dejaras de creer que la felicidad solo existe con un cuerpo mas delgado

  • entenderas que eres suficiente como TU eres 

  • Y mas!!

Food & Body Image Coaching

Coaching Packages

  Sliding Scale Pricing  

All prices in Canadian dollars​

Single Session (FREE!)

  • 1 x 45-60 minute session

  • Includes brief written summary of session

3 Session Package

  • 3 x 60 minute sessions

  • Includes brief written summary of sessions

  • 12 weeks

  • 6 x 1:1 sessions (every other week)

  • Weekly Intuitive Eating videos emailed to you every Monday for 12 weeks

  • Diet-Free, Happy Me! is for you if you want a more in-depth understanding of Intuitive Eating and how apply it to your own life (you'll learn a different Intuitive Eating topic and concept each week) 


12 Session Package - Deep Dive

  • 12 x 60 minute sessions

  • Includes brief written summary of sessions

  • Includes 12 short Intuitive Eating videos emailed weekly on Mondays for 12 weeks 

Not sure which package is best suited for you? Not sure if the Intuitive/Non-diet approach is right for you?  Book a free consult call and we can chat about it. ​

Intuitive Eating coaching may NOT be for you if...

     You are actively pursuing weight loss

     You're not ready to let go of dieting or other forms of food restriction

     You're mostly looking for a health plan

     You don't really want to get into the beneath the surface stuff of food and body

Intuitive Eating IS possibly for you if...

   You still have desires to lose weight, but you're not actively pursuing it and/or       You're curious to learn more about living life without pursuing weight loss 

   You still feel that restricting foods is the way to better health, but you're ready to do health differently

All these feelings and desires are OK. But the active pursuit of them will make intuitive eating coaching difficult since its based in a weight-neutral philosophy


Violeta's coaching helped me feel so much better. My relationship to food and overall well-being have really improved - including my digestion! I feel that this (Intuitive) way of eating and being has helped me to reclaim my power. I move my body most days and nourish it. I've been sleeping better. I am committed to self-care and feel better each day. 

- Amanda

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