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Walnut Feta Beet Salad

So crunchy and tasty!

I love beets. And they're oh-so-good for you. Beets contain nitrates that convert to nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide promotes improved blood flow, which can help lower blood pressure.

But more importantly, beets are so tasty and versatile. You make beet salads like the one above, or grating them raw along with carrots for a grated beet and carrot salad. You can also roast them.

This recipe makes around 4 servings. Estimate around one beet per person. We had it with pan fried tilapia and rice. And I had it for lunch the next day with more lettuce and leftover tilapia.


- 4 beets, boiled, cooled and cut into 6 pieces approx

- 8-10 walnuts, lightly crushed

- 50ish grams feta cheese

- tiny bit of thinly sliced onions

- olive oil (I never measure olive oil)

- 1/2 lemon

- salt and pepper to taste

- 1 cup or so arugula


Add arugula to a bowl, then beets, top with feta and walnuts and then add the dressing (oil, lemon, salt, pepper). That's it! Feel free to add some more sliced onion, a bit of garlic or any herb you enjoy.


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