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I'm Violeta.
Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating counselor

One lovely day in July of 2021, I had a major realization. Something in my head clicked (I hear you laughing). No really. It was the realization that dieting sucks! And that no one should ever have to suffer through it again.  


And within a few days I joined the intuitive eating, non-diet world and left my healthist & wellness culture beliefs behind.  


A weight lifted off my shoulders. 


Not only did I find a movement that resonates with my beliefs, but also an approach to health that feels WAY more aligned with my values. 

But wait, it doesn't end there. 

Along the way, I also began questioning my drinking. I mean, I'd questioned it before but brushed it off. 

I always had a deep desire to drink less and live life with less hangovers...or none at all. 

But it felt so hard. 

Until one summer day when I picked up a book about a woman's sobriety journey. I chose it 'randomly', except my subconscious knew what it was it doing. I felt inspired. 

I just did NOT want to be heavy drinker in my 40s, much less in the following decades. 

I finally began drinking less. Much less.  

And so began my intuitive drinking journey. 

Can I actually incorporate drinking into my intuitive eating coaching? Sure thing!

And so I created my Women Drink-less Intuitively program. 

I'm inspired to help other women, like myself, feel at peace with themselves and drinking. 

You can read all about my journey and the program here



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Hi! I'm Violeta, a bread-loving nutritionist, certified Intuitive Eating counselor, and Integrative Life coach. I'm passionate about helping women reconnect with their passions and interests while healing their relationship to food, body or alcohol. 


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