Holistic & Functional Nutrition

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Hello! My name is Violeta. I'm a holistic nutritionist. I studied Nutrition & Food at Ryerson University in Toronto and then hopped on a train and headed 500 km east to do my Master's at McGill in beautiful Montreal. Recently, I worked as a health educator specialized in diabetes management and helped individuals make healthier food and lifestyle choices in order to improve blood sugar levels. I became a holistic nutrition to have a greater understanding of some of the root causes of ill-health. I take an integrative nutritional approach. I was born and raised in Toronto and have been living in Hamilton since 2014.


Do you experience the following?



Aches and pains

Sugar and carb cravings

Sleepiness after meals

Poor concentration

Has your doctor mentioned the following?

Insulin resistance


Metabolic Syndrome

Low HDL "good" cholesterol

High Triglycerides

Excess fat around the abdomen

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