Helping women balance their blood sugars in order to reclaim their energy!

Without giving up wine and cheese

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Hello! My name is Violeta, I'm a holistic nutritionist and founder of the Tired to Vibrant Method program (see below for more info). 


I studied Nutrition & Food at Ryerson University in Toronto and when I checked that off my list I hopped on a train and headed 500 km east to do my Master's at McGill in beautiful Montreal. As the cherry on top, I received a holistic nutrition certification from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto.


Recently, I worked as a health educator in pre/diabetes management. I helped individuals make healthier food and lifestyle choices in order to improve blood sugar levels and quality of life.


I currently work with women and help them regain their energy (and lose weight if they so wish) so that they can reclaim their vibrancy. 


I became a holistic nutritionist to have a greater understanding of the root causes of ill-health. I've merged my conventional and holistic training, which means you won't be receiving parasite cleanses from me but perhaps more supplement recommendations...compared to a dietitian for example. 

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Women's Guide to Beating Afternoon Fatigue in 5 Simple Steps 


Why I do what I do

Women don't HAVE to feel tired. It shouldn't be normalized or brushed off.


My ultimate desire is for women- especially 50 plus-  to have the energy they want and deserve so you are able to...

...Go on that 4 hour hike on those beautiful Sundays  

...Get into your skis again 

...Sign up for that dance class you always wanted to take

...Or even just have enough energy after work to follow through with your dinner plans you keep cancelling (because you're always pooped)

The good news? It doesn't have to be this way. 

I help you regain your energy levels by balancing hormones in a 12 week step-by-step program.




The Tired to Vibrant Method

A step-by-step, 12 week program split into 4 phases designed to help you regain your youthful energy. 

Phase 1

The Root

In this phase you will learn why imbalanced blood sugars lead to fatigue and weight gain. 

Phase 2

Nutrition Reset

This phase is all about nutrition & hydration. 

Sneak peak: You won't be cutting out entire food groups

Phase 3

Move & Relax

This module delves into the benefits of movement and relaxation. Deep breath in....deep breath out...

Phase 4


How we form new habits. 



On this free webinar, I promise to show you 3 big things:


  • The real reason why whatever your trying isn’t working 

  • How to stop the blood sugar roller coasters

  • The discovery I made that has helped my clients reclaim their health 

  • Plus a whole lot more…

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