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Pancito integral en Santiago
Desayuno en la costa Chilena

Hi! I'm Violeta,
a bread-loving Nutritionist,
Certified Intuitive Eating counselor
& Integrative Life Coach

No seriously, I friggin' LOVE bread...and wine...but I cut it way back (wine that is!). 

I also really love coffee, cheese, and peanut butter. 

And yes, I feel special and gourmet-ish when I eat foods like pasta made with fresh tomatoes and basil topped with crumbly goat feta, or seafood empanadas when visiting the coast of Chile. Beyond that, I wouldn't say I have the finest palate. I just love the foods that I do. Good enough for me. I'm also practical and sometimes eat fish sticks, frozen pizza, and packaged soups. I'm not a "food quality" snob like I used to be. More important things to spend my energy on. 

But I wasn't always like this (except for the wine and cheese part). 

As much as I love food, I also stopped being obsessed with it. Like planning my next meal before I was done the previous one. Studying menus and ingredient lists. Counting carb portions. Avoiding processed foods. Eating snack-like meals. Controlling what others' ate. Feeling guilty for eating a whole banana, or mucho pan at tea time. 


My life stopped revolving around food.  

And while your relationship to food may look different than mine did, maybe you feel out of control or undisciplined around food, both rigidity and out-of-control-ness rob you of experiencing true peace and pleasure in life.  

I'm sharing this with you because enjoying and loving food without the obsession and guilt is incredibly freeing! 

Eating is both fun, pleasurable AND sometimes feels like a chore AND is sometimes uninteresting. Kinda like life. And that's perfectly ok! 

Intuitive Eating is about learning to listen to and trust your body with food, while tuning out diet culture messaging. It's thinking differently about your body. It's finding peace in eating. It's embracing health beyond numbers. 

Learn more about my journey...


Good Enough!

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 For food loving women who want to ditch dieting and feel at peace with themselves and life. Receive weekly actionable tips and insights on all things, food, eating, body, health, mindset, and habits (like drinking), within a container of Intuitive Eating & Body Neutrality. 



Pensive by the espresso machine

Hi! I'm Violeta, a bread-loving nutritionist, certified Intuitive Eating counselor, and Integrative Life coach. I'm passionate about helping women reconnect with their passions and interests while healing their relationship to food, body or alcohol. 


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Biology of desire by Mark Lewis
Intuitive Eating Book 4th edition
Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison
Gentle Nutrition by Rachael Hartley
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