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Nutrition Counseling 

Have a specific nutrition-related or health concern? In my nutrition counseling service, I provide you with an individualized plan relevant to your nutrition and health concerns. As an Intuitive Eating counselor and non-diet nutritionist, I do not counsel on weight loss. For food and body image concerns, visit my coaching page. 

Initial call

Tell me what your specific nutrition and health concerns and goals are. In this call you'll tell me about your general dietary patterns, habits and preferences so that I can create a plan that makes sense for you and your lifestyle. 

Follow-up call

Within a week or so of receiving the plan we'll go through it together and I'll address any questions you have for me. 

Written Plan 

Within a a few days to a week I'll send you an individualized written plan via email. 

Support via messaging

You can text or email me between our initial and follow-up call, as well as after our follow-up call if you continue to have questions or concerns. 

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1 hour initial call

Written plan

30-45 minute follow-up call



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