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Diet-Free, Happy Me!

A 12 week Food & Body Image coaching program

For women who want to put an end to dieting and food obsession so that they can feel at peace with themselves and in life. And enjoy their warm bread and butter without guilt! 

Diet-Free, Happy Me! is a one-on-one coaching program for women who care about health & well-being, love food and eating, and really want to silence their inner food critic and eat in peace. By learning to challenge negative self-talk and societally engrained beliefs about food, body and health, women will feel empowered and find peace within themselves.

Diet-Free, Happy Me! es un programa de coaching individualizado para las mujeres que valoran la salud y  bienestar, disfrutan de la comida, pero quieren silenciar la voz interna critica y comer en paz. Aprendiendo a desafiar las creencias de la sociedad sobre la salud y el cuerpo, ellas se sentiran tranquilas con la comida y encontraran una paz interna. 

Embrace your inner foodie without guilt!

Do these sound familiar?

coffee and croissant
  • You love good food but often find yourself feeling guilty for eating too much or the "wrong" foods?

  • Te encanta la comida pero te encuentras sintiendote culpable cuando comes demasiado, o las comidas "equivocadas"

  • You want to let go of weight loss desires, but find it really hard to accept your body. You still feel you'd be happier if you lost weight.

  • Quisieras dejar de querer bajar de peso, pero encuentras dificil aceptar tu cuerpo. Sigues pensando que serias mas feliz si bajaras de peso.  

  • You care about health and feel you could be doing more to be healthier.

  • Valoras tu salud, pero siempre piensas que puedes estar haciendo 'mas' para seguir mejorando tu salud. 

  • You feel out of control with your eating if you're not following some kind of plan

  • No te sientes en control de la comida si no estas siguiendo algun plan 

  • You're unsure of what the 'right' way to eat even is anymore. So much contradictory information out there! 

  • Ya no estas segura que significa comer bien. Hay mucha informacion! 

  • You heard gluten is bad. You're not exactly sure why, but you might avoid it anyway. 

  • Has escuchado que el gluten es malo. No estas muy segura porque, pero trataras de evitarlo igual. 

  • You often plan to start eating better on Mondays. 

  • Muchas veces planeas empezar la dieta el lunes

  • You "should" yourself a lot, "I should be exercising more", "I shouldn't eat out so often"

  • Usas "deberia" todo el tiempo, por ejemplo "Deberia hacer mas ejercicio", "Deberia comer menos azucar". 

Pensive at the cafe

What if you...?

  • Ate with ease

  • Stopped believing that you need food rules or food plans in order eat well or be healthy 

  • Talked kindly to yourself 

  • Made peace with your body

  • Stopped comparing yourself to others and started appreciating you more

  • Took a huge weight off your shoulders by putting an end to food, health and weight obsession

  • And redirected your energy and resources to things that bring you joy, fulfillment and pleasure! 

It's totally possible!

Enjoying a mini drumstick

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Intro to Intuitive Eating 

Week 2: Diet, Wellness Culture & Family Beliefs

Week 3: Hunger & Body Attunement

Week 4: Fullness & Satisfaction

Week 5: Food Rules & "Shoulds"

Week 6: Emotional Eating 

Week 7: Body Neutrality

Week 8: Body Respect 

Week 9: Make Peace with Food & Yourself 

Week 10: Non Wellness-y Health 

Week 11: Gentle Nutrition

Week 12: Living Intuitively 

Wellington park_Aug 23_edited_edited.jpg
Vio peach_edited.jpg
Friends at the Beach

Video Sneak Peak 
Week 2 - Diet & Wellness Culture

Intuitive Eating coaching may NOT be for you if...

  • You are actively pursuing weight loss

  • You're not ready to let go of dieting or other forms of food restriction

  • You're mostly looking for a health plan

  • You don't really want to get into the beneath the surface stuff of food and body

The program IS possibly for you if...

  • You still have desires to lose weight, but you're not actively pursuing it 

  • You're curious to learn more about living life without pursuing weight loss 

  • You still feel that restricting foods is the way to better health, but you're ready to do health differently

All these feelings and desires are OK. But the active pursuit of them will make intuitive eating coaching difficult since its based in a weight-neutral philosophy.

Diet-Free, Happy Me!

  • 12 weeks

  • 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions (every other week)

  • Weekly videos explaining Intuitive Eating concepts emailed to you Monday mornings for 12 weeks

  • Support between sessions through email or text message if needed

Two-tiered pricing


Violeta's coaching helped me feel so much better. My relationship to food and overall well-being have really improved - including my digestion! I feel that this (Intuitive) way of eating and being has helped me to reclaim my power. I move my body most days and nourish it. I've been sleeping better. I am committed to self-care and feel better each day. 

- Amanda

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