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Diet-Free Happy Me
group program coming soon! 

The Diet-Free Happy Me is a group program for women who want to break-free from dieting and diet culture for good, and who want to start loving their bodies in ANY sized jeans. And by break-free I mean like REALLY break-free. See ya later (never actually!), NOT nice knowing you, chao, and BUH-BYE! 

No woman deserves to diet. Rather, no diet deserves a precious woman. So many women (if not almost all) are suckered into believing that they have to look a certain way, act a certain way, eat a certain way. Society praises slimness and shames those living in larger bodies. Negative body weight messages are instilled in us from a young age. Fat bad, skinny good. How many comments about your weight- positive or negative- have been directed at you since you were young? Too many to count I'm sure. How many diets have you tried in an attempt to lose weight? And then felt like a failure because the diet didn't work? 

Here's a fact: 95% of diets don't work

And not because 95% of women are failures but because 95% of diets are (failures).  

The Diet-Free Happy Me group program is a gateway into helping women find food freedom, make peace with food and their bodies. The Diet-Free Happy Me is a self-care program. While massages and bubble baths are lovely, they don't address true self-care. 

The Diet-Free Happy Me diet program is in the works so hold on tight. Get on the waitlist here and I'll reach out with more info closer to the launch date. 

"Guilt has no place when it comes to eating" -Evelyn Tribole