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Non-Diety Life Coaching   

As an Intuitive Eating counselor, Non-Diet coach, and Integrative Life coach certified by the Ethical Coaching Collective, I introduce curiosity and self-compassion as the basis to helping clients improve well-being. I use neuroplasticity techniques and visualization exercises to help clients break old patterns, create new habits, and patterns of thinking. 

One goal (or thing you wanna work on) in 3 x 1 hour sessions

Food & Body 
🌸Learn to feel at peace with food, like having a plate of pasta without the carb guilt 
🌸Stop hating your body
🌸Put an end to mindless and or boredom eating
🌸Ditch the food rules, start listening to your body, and feel confident making food choices 


🌸Learn to say no to the 2nd or 3d glass of wine
🌸Overcome alcohol cravings
🌸Drink less often 
🌸Feel less excited about drinking 

🌸Stop believing your self-defeating thoughts and start working on those creative projects already
🌸Make more time for yourself without feeling selfish
🌸Find motivation to move your body 
🌸Get in the habit of taking a daily walk, or whatever else you'd like to start doing daily 
🌸Stop procrastinating and start doing the thing!
🌸Go to bed earlier and stop spending hours scrolling on your phone before bed

All prices are in Canadian dollars

Spring & Summer 2023 Pricing 
 $120 x 3 sessions


Diet-Free Happy Me!
Intuitive Eating Coaching 


The Diet-Free Happy Me! is a coaching program for women who care about health and well-being, love food & eating, and are oh-so-ready to ditch the food guilt. By learning to gently navigate food and eating, and challenge self-defeating thoughts, women will feel empowered to make peace with food and their bodies so that they can enjoy that pasta and chocolate and feel sexy as f***!

Embrace your inner foodie without guilt!

Diet-Free Happy Me!

8 week Intuitive Eating 
coaching program

Week 1: Intro to Intuitive Eating 
Week 2: Hunger & Body Attunement
Week 3: Fullness & Satisfaction
Week 4: Food Rules

Week 5: Cope with your Emotions with kindness
Week 6: Respect your body 
Week 7: Respect your Body & Make Peace with Food
Week 8: Gentle Nutrition 



"Let's chat first" is an opportunity for you to tell me more about yourself and your food/body concerns. And for me to tell you about the Diet-Free, Happy Me! program, as well answer your questions. There's no cost to the call or obligation to sign-up for the program. 


"Violeta's approach is empathetic. She always listens to me with openness and makes me feel very supported" 

- Lorena 


Violeta helped me connect to myself in a way that I haven’t before. She guided me in a way where I was able to access my own wisdom. It feels like I don't have to battle with myself anymore. I felt so supported with her and her presence helped put me at ease. What I gained from the session will now be with me forever and it was all in 30 minutes! 

- Elizabeth

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Does this sound like you?

  • You love good food but often find yourself feeling guilty for eating too much, or eating the "wrong" foods

  • You're tired of trying to lose weight. You want to accept your body, but find it hard to let go of weight loss desires. You still feel that you'll be happier if you lost weight.

  • You care about health, but feel like you could be doing more to be healthier.

  • You're unsure of what the right way to eat is. 

  • You heard gluten is bad for you. What to believe??

  • You often plan to start eating better on Monday. 

  • You just want to END the food and body struggles 

  • Learned to eat in peace
  • Stopped feeling out of control around food
  • Talked nicely to yourself
  • Made peace with your body
  • Learned to say NO to restrictive food rules and YES to your body

  • Took a huge weight off your shoulders by putting and end to food, health and weight obsession 

  • And redirected your energy on things that bring you joy and pleasure!​


Food guilt for pleasure
Self-doubt for body trust
Negative self-talk for confidence


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