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The Diet-Free Happy Me! is a 1:1 coaching program for food-loving, 40+ women who care about health and well-being, love food & eating (and probably drinking), and are oh-so-ready to ditch the food guilt. By learning to challenge self-defeating thoughts, women will be empowered to make peace with food and their bodies, find autonomy in their health and live an authentic life with confidence!

Embrace your inner foodie without guilt!

Diet-Free Happy Me!
Intuitive Eating Coaching program
for women 40


naan pizza_edited.jpg
  • You love good food but often find yourself feeling guilty for eating too much, or eating the "wrong" foods

  • You're tired of trying to lose weight. You want to accept your body, but find it hard to let go of weight loss desires. You still feel that you'll be happier if you lost weight.

  • You care about health, but feel like you could be doing more to be healthier.

  • You're unsure of what the right way to eat is. 

  • You've heard gluten is bad for you but...who the heck knows anymore!

  • You often plan to start eating better on Monday. 

  • You just want to END the food and body struggles 

Does this sound like you?


"Violeta's approach is empathetic. She always listens to me with openness and makes me feel very supported" 

- Lorena 


  • Learned to eat in peace
  • Stopped feeling out of control around food
  • Talked nicely to yourself
  • Made peace with your body
  • Learned to say NO to restrictive food rules and YES to your body

  • Took a huge weight off your shoulders by putting and end to food, health and weight obsession 

  • And redirected your energy on things that bring you joy and pleasure!​

What if you...?


Food guilt for pleasure
Self-doubt for body trust
Negative self-talk for confidence


Would you LOVE to swap...?

Diet-Free Happy Me!
🌸 ​1:1 weekly coaching
🌸​ Intuitive eating,
mindset, body image,
health & nutrition

🌸 Short educational videos

🌸 Online 

1:1 Coaching Sessions    

Currently revamping my coaching offers. Stay tuned! 


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