Diet-Free Happy Me!
    program coming Spring 2022!   


The Diet-Free Happy Me! is a 1:1 coaching program for food-loving women who want to break-free from confusing food and health rules so that they can fully embrace their inner foodie without guilt. By learning to trust their inner wisdom, women will make peace with food and their bodies, find autonomy in their health and live an authentic life with confidence! 

The program is...

  • 12 weeks

  • 1:1 coaching

  • Non-diet/Anti-diet

  • $397 (Summer 2022 pricing)


Goals of the program...​

  • Become an intuitive eater

  • Learn to trust your body around food and eating

  • Discover food freedom by breaking-free from restrictive food & health rules

  • Adopt true self-care by paying closer attention to body, mind, and spirit 

  • Improve mindset through thought work 

  • Achieve body neutrality and body respect

Here's a fact: 95% of diets don't work

And not because 95% of women are failures but because 95% of diets are (failures).  

The Diet-Free Happy Me is a self-care program that helps women find food freedom, make peace with food and their bodies. No more food and health rules. No more shame and guilt around eating. No more good and bad foods. 

"Guilt has no place when it comes to eating" -Evelyn Tribole