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Diet-Free, Happy Me!

Intuitive Eating Coaching for women who are curious about living life without dieting so that they can feel happy and free, and enjoy their triple cream brie without guilt! 

Diet-Free, Happy Me! is a one-on-one Intuitive Eating program for women who care about health & well-being, love food and eating, and really want to silence their inner food critic and eat in peace. By learning to challenge negative self-talk and societally engrained beliefs about food, body and health, women will feel empowered to feel calm and confident around food...and enjoy warm bread and butter without the guilt!  

Women Drink-less Intuitively 

For women who want to improve their relationship to alcohol so that they can be in the driver's seat of their drinking and feel at peace with themselves. 

  • ​Stop the back and forth thoughts about drinking or not drinking tonight

  • ​​Swap your love-hate relationship with alcohol to one of enjoyment 

  • Put an end to the drink --> guilt --> regret cycle 


  • Find a different way to feel good and have fun


  • Feel satisfied with less alcohol

Vio wine_3_edited.jpg

Violeta's coaching helped me feel so much better. My relationship to food and overall well-being have really improved - including my digestion! I feel that this (Intuitive) way of eating and being has helped me to reclaim my power. I move my body most days and nourish it. I've been sleeping better. I am committed to self-care and feel better each day. 

- Amanda

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