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Non-Diet Nutrition & Life Coaching   

Food, wine and coaching with green background

As a Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating counselor and, most recently, Integrative Life coach certified by the Ethical Coaching Collective, I introduce curiosity and self-compassion as the basis to helping women improve their relationship to food, body, and drinking. I help women challenge the societally engrained beliefs and thoughts they have about themselves and their bodies, and introduce a broader, non-weight centric definition of health. 

It isn't just about the food or the drink,
it's about empowering you!

🌞 Feel at peace with yourself and in life

🌞 Feel more confident around food, eating, or alcohol

🌞 Reclaim your authenticity. Be more of YOU!

​🌞 Challenge self-defeating thoughts

​🌞 Have more fun! Wear those shorts! Ditch that scale!


🌞 Have the fries! Be surprised by the restaurant menu! 


🌸 Learn to feel at peace with food...   
     ...have the plate of pasta without the carb guilt                   ...have the bread more than once a day           
     ...have the fresh, warm, white bread   
🌸 Learn to stop shit talking your body
🌸 Ditch the food rules and feel at east making food choices 

🌸 Put an end to all that food confusion

🌸 Challenge your ALL-or-NOTHING mentality 

🌸  Move your body in enjoyable ways 

🌸 Stop chasing weight loss and feel good about yourself today!


🌸 Learn to drink more mindfully

🌸 Feel satisfied with less alcohol

🌸 Feel at peace with drinking

🌸 Be in the driver's seat of your drinking

🌸 Play more!

Have questions about coaching? Want to find out if coaching or Intuitive Eating is right for you? Book a call to chat with me. No strings attached. 

Violeta helped me connect to myself in ways I haven't before. She guided me in a way where I was able to access to my own wisdom. It feels like I don't have to battle with myself anymore. I felt supported by her and her presence helped put me at ease. What I gained in the session will now be with me forever and it was all in 30 minutes!   


20210529_122800 (1)_edited.jpg
Vio lake_edited.jpg

Violeta's approach is empathetic. She always listens to me with openness and makes me feel supported. 

- Lorena

Violeta's coaching really helped me. I feel so much better. My relationship to food and overall well-being have really improved - including my digestion! I feel that this (Intuitive) way of eating and being has helped me reclaim my power. I move my body most days and nourish it. I've been sleeping better. I am committed to self-care and feel better each day. 

- Amanda 

vio bike_edited.jpg

Violeta's coaching was eye opening. I became aware of some things that were happening within. I feel a lot less anxious in general and have experienced less food cravings. I've been eating mindfully, but with a lot less restriction. I feel more confident with my food choices. 

- Fran 

Coaching Packages

Single Session

  • 60 minute session

  • Includes written summary of session


3 Session Package

  • 60 minute sessions

  • Includes written summary of sessions

  • Sessions must be up to one month apart or less


Diet-Free, Happy Me! 

  • The difference between single session coaching and the Diet-Free, Happy Me! program is that it (the program) includes weekly content delivered to your email for 12 weeks. The content includes weekly Intuitive Eating topics (i.e. week 5 - Food Rules & Shoulds) explained in both short videos and written format. The program (vs single session coaching) gives you a much more comprehensive understanding of Intuitive Eating. Head over the program page for more details. 

$375 or 3 payments of $125
Price goes up March 18, 2024 


Not sure which package is best suited for you? Not sure if the Intuitive/Non-diet approach is right for you?  Book a free consult call and we can chat about it. ​

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