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Self-Care Coaching

Fridays, February 9, 16, 23

Originally a challenge, the Non-Diety Self-Care coaching is for you if you'd like some support around a specific self-care concern. Could be anything (non-diety) from nutrition, to Intuitive Eating, to exercise, to habits (making or breaking habits), etc. 

Self-Care things I helped clients with in 2023:

  • Finding motivation to exercise/move

  • Making more time for self-care (i.e. like pausing to take a lunch break) as a woman always looking after her family and putting her needs last

  • Learning to say "no" to colleagues when they take advantage of your generosity

  • Easing nervous eating from social anxiety

  • Learning to take drinking breaks and slowing down drinking overall

  • Learning that it's ok to eat for pleasure and not just for fuel

  • Making a plan to get started on a creative project

  • Addressing the barriers that prevent you from getting started on a creative project

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Why is it "Non-Diety"?​

  • Because I'm an Intuitive Eating counselor and my work is based in a non-diet/anti-diet, body neutrality container

  • Because the coaching is about nurturing emotional and mental well-being by engaging in activities or routines that help address these directly or indirectly

  • Because dietary restriction, such as from dieting, can be a form of self-punishment and this challenge is the exact opposite of that 

  • Because "Non-Diety" also means engaging in self-care routines that are NOT based in, one, self-judgment (i.e. I'm going to walk everyday because I've been so lazy), two, "shoulds" (i.e. I'm going to exercise more because I 'should')

  • That means that there is no pass-fail, successful or not successful, etc.


  • Friday, February 9, 16, 23 

  • 1 x 45 minute 1:1 session (zoom)

  • $22

  • Brief email summary of session

  • After purchasing your session, you'll receive an email within 24 hours with the booking link 


  • In which areas of your life are you not feeling fulfilled or quite how you'd like to feel

  • Are your basic needs like sleep and nutrition being met? 

  • Is there a habit that you engage in that is counterproductive to your well-being at the moment? Like excessive screen time, social media or phone use? Drinking? 

  • Do you feel like fun is missing in your life? Have you thought about taking a dance or art class but feel silly about it, like it's not a 'responsible' thing to do? 

  • Is your body craving more movement?

  • Do you feel a longing to start a creative project or hobby? 


Suggested Self-Care Topics to bring to Coaching
(some are not really coaching topics per se but you can use them for prompting)


  • 5-10 minutes of deep breathing each day once a day

  • 10 minutes of gentle stretching daily  

  • Daily morning walk

  • Daily journaling (gratitude; joyful or beautiful moments)

  • Morning Sun Salutation or other yoga poses


  • Sleep:

    • Get to bed earlier

    • Avoid scrolling in bed

  • Nutrition & Food

    • Eat regularly (don't skip meals)

    • Add an extra serving of fruit daily

    • Hydrate, up your fluids 

  • Movement/Exercise

    • Engage in movement you enjoy, daily or whenever possible

  • Alcohol & Caffeine 

    • Take a drinking break (i.e. abstain during the challenge)

    • Cut back on coffee IF it's making you anxious and jittery because you're drinking a lot of it, and/or skipping meals and drinking coffee instead 


  • Sign-up for a class: dance, art, sports, language 

  • Try a new hobby or fun activity (roller skating)

  • Visit museums or galleries

  • Read fiction

  • Wear brighter clothes

  • Try a zumba class 

  • Go to a café several times weekly and write or journal


  • Screen use, phone, and social media:

    • Reduce screen time by creating 'schedules' for phone use

    • Turn off social media notifications

    • Avoid checking your phone or social media for the first hour

    • Avoid checking your phone every 5 minutes

    • These are endless...

  • Challenge your self-defeating thoughts (I can help with this one)

  • Ditch your scale (this one goes hand in hand with the above point)

  • Take the first steps towards writing your book, creating your art, or get started on that creative project!


  • Meet a friend for coffee, a meal, or a walk, a few times during this challenge
  • Call (not text) a family or friend you think could use a surprise call and chat.
  • Visit an elderly person (a relative, family friend, etc).
A walk in Stanley Park
Zucchini fritters
Cold beer in the summer
Reading the Biology of Desire
Holding new and old cell phone

I'd love a Self-Care focused coaching session!

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