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Non-Diety Self-Care Challenge

June 12- July 2

The non-diety self-care challenge is for anyone who wants to improve some of their self-care practices in a supportive and accountable space. 

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  • To assess what self-care means to you, why it’s important, and how incorporating certain self-care practices will be of benefit to you 

  • To begin taking small steps towards a more (perceived) challenging self-care activity

  • To have support and accountability for implementing self-care practices

  • The self-care challenge is:

    • Non-diety 

    • Non-punishy

    • Non-judgy

    • Non-shouldy

    • Non-shamy

  • That means that there is no pass or fail, successful or not successful, etc. 

  • Sometimes we have the best of intentions for ourselves, and sometimes it (implementing that intention) isn't available to us. Get curious instead of going straight for the self-judgement (i.e. it's because I'm a lazy person). 


  • 21 Days

  • June 12- July 2 

  • $22

  • Choose 1 or more self-care activities you want to practice (from the list or not)

  • Join the Self-Care Challenge Facebook group


  • Choose 1-3 self-care activities. Feel free to select from different categories.  

  • Think about your basic needs. Are you meeting them? 

  • Determine why the self-care activities you chose are important to you. 

  • Is there a habit that you've been wanting to change for a while (i.e. screen use)?

  • Do you want to cut back on drinking?

  • Do you feel like fun is missing in your life? Have you thought about taking a dance or art class but feel silly about it. Like it's not a 'responsible' thing to do? 

  • Is your body craving more movement?

  • Do you feel it's time to get started on your creative projects? 


  • Try to not choose a self-care activity based on following public health advice (i.e. eat 5 vegetables daily, 2 drinks a week, etc.) because this makes it more of a "shouldy" goal (i.e. a New Year's Resolution type goal -> I'm going to start eating 5 vegetables daily because 'I should'). Think about YOUR unique needs.          

  • For example:

    • Cut back on drinking because you don't feel great the way you're drinking now (you're often tired, foggy-brained, anxious, etc)

    • Eat at least one fruit daily because you love fruit, and your body feels good when you have a fruit, and for whatever reason you haven't been eating fruit (this is me!) 

    • Move your body/exercise because it feels really good physically and mentally when you do it in a way that's enjoyable

  • Don't be too ambitious. Focus on a couple. It's tempting to want to do them all. 

  • Try not to choose more than one challenging activity (like getting started on your creative project, learning a new language, or creating firmer boundaries with family). 

  • Don't choose anything that feels like a punishment, like trying to eat 10 servings of vegetables a day, or taking up daily running, or doing a cleanse, or anything you don't enjoy doing.  Depending on your activity, you may experience a little resistance (i.e. getting up at 5:30am to view the sunrise or setting firmer work boundaries). Please determine what is a little healthy resistance versus outright dread. Remember, this is a SELF-CARE challenge. 

  • Finally, this isn't a New Year's Resolution challenge. Beware of approaching self-care this way, like making checklists of your new self-care activities, etc. If your self-care activity isn't feeling good, let it go. It wasn't what you needed. Continue reflecting on what you really need. 

There are three self-care categories to choose from (they aren't mutually exclusive, just in case). These are some suggested self-care practices: 



  • Phone/screen/social media use

  • Daily/morning/after dinner walks

  • Nature walks

  • Daily journaling

  • Deep breathing for 5 minutes daily

  • Movement/exercises in general

  • Hydration

  • Increase Fruit and Vegetables 

  • Prepare nice lunches for yourself

  • Moderate caffeine use

  • Cut back on drinking

  • Sunrise/sunset viewing

  • Going to bed at particular time

  • Getting up at a particular time

  • Save some $

  • Cut back on impulse spending

  • Learn to budget 



  • Sign-up for a dance class, or

  • Language class, or

  • Art class, or

  • Sports 

  • New hobby or fun activity (roller skating)

  • Take more baths

  • Massages/Spas

  • Travel

  • Solo travel

  • Solo time

  • Gardening

  • Daily reading

  • Wear brighter clothes

  • Try new recipes 


  • Learning to say “No” when you want to say "No" (but say “Yes” instead)

  • Speaking up

  • Eating (X food) without guilt 

  • Learning to quiet self-defeating thoughts

  • Learning to quiet the negative body talk

  • Ditch your scale (this one goes hand in hand with the above point)

  • Daily body appreciation/gratitude 

  • Focusing on personal successes vs failures

  • Creating work boundaries

  • Begin writing your book/creating your art 

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