Two Reasons Women Over 50 Get Belly Fat

Updated: Feb 16

Two of the most common reasons why women experience more belly fat after the age of 50 are imbalanced blood sugars and menopause.

When your blood sugars are imbalanced- also known as insulin resistance- your cells are not allowing insulin to do its job, which is to let sugar inside the cell where it’s turned into energy. So your blood sugars stay high and your cells remain hungry and energy deprived.

In an effort to bring your blood sugars down to normal levels, your body decides it needs to do something with that extra sugar and so it gets stored as fat. And your belly is the preferred storage space for that extra sugar.

I know what you’re thinking…”Why my belly? Why not my hips or bum?” But nope. That’s not how your body thinks unfortunately.

And, yes, declining estrogen levels in menopause causes fat from the hips and thighs to be redistributed in the belly. Women to experience overall weight gain. Although gaining a few pounds after menopause is normal, gaining too much weight can lead to excessive visceral fat, a type of fat that is inflammatory. But the more balanced your blood sugars are, the easier it is to control your weight and the inflammation.

Having a 25 year old flat belly or ripped body should absolutely NOT be your goal. If you have health goals, they should include balancing your blood sugars. How do you do that? The simple answer is to eat a nutritious diet high in vegetables and leafy greens, moderate in complex carbs, includes anti-inflammatory fats, protein at each meal, and of course regular exercise, and stress & sleep management. All of these things are great for managing menopause as well.

If you’re unsure whether you have insulin resistance, it’s estimated that over one third of the North American population is insulin resistant. Insulin resistance is often silent but doesn’t do nice things to our give us extra belly fat and make us feel tired. Keep in mind that insulin resistance is a spectrum. It's not a black and white diagnosis. And yes, even though in my Tired to Vibrant Method program you’re allowed to include your favourite treats, when you have those treats all of the time (especially added sugars), your body gets upset and throws your blood sugars and insulin for a loop. My Tired to Vibrant Method program helps you regain your energy and lose weight by balancing blood sugars without being overly restrictive. Because overly restrictive works for no one. But balance is key.

If you want more info on the Tired to Vibrant Method program book your free call with me here.




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