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As a certified functional nutritionist, I use an integrative approach to health and healing.  What is functional and integrative nutrition? Functional medicine seeks to get to the root-cause of symptoms and illness. It considers the interconnectedness of body systems. Symptoms do not just stem from a single place. A person's depression, for example, may be a result of inflammation, which may be stemming from insulin resistance. 

I believe prevention is the best medicine. But prevention isn't always clear-cut. A person may think they are doing all the right things, but they are still always tired, and have aches and pains. Their cells are becoming increasingly insulin resistant by the day. Cells are hungry. Body feels fatigued. 

What is with the insulin resistance examples? Insulin resistance is at the root of many health issues and symptoms: fatigue, sugar cravings, pain, brain fog, irritability. By the time a person gets diagnosed with pre-diabetes they have been insulin resistant for around 10 years. We normalize fatigue, and brain fog, but we should not feel this way. 

My approach to achieving optimal health starts with balancing blood sugars and reversing insulin resistance. In addition to dietary therapy, my treatment plant addresses lifestyle factors such as exercise, stress management, sleep hygiene and self-care. Supplementation is also a crucial component of a treatment plan but always "supplemental" to diet and lifestyle. 


What I believe and do:

- It's okay to occasionally indulge. When you work with me, you won't be deprived of your favourite foods .

- Gluten-free diets are not necessary for everyone. 

- Eat local or organic if you can. If you can't, you can't and that's ok.

- Balancing blood sugar is very difficult when stress is not managed, and when optimal sleep isn't happening.

- Limiting sugars can make a night and day difference on blood sugar levels.

- Gentle cleanses can be beneficial. There is no harm in taking breaks from foods and drinks that are a burden to the liver (i.e. sugar and alcohol). We're also human and are allowed to enjoy food...and drink... I certainly do. 

What I don't do: 

- Full-on detoxes, like parasite cleanses or heavy metal detoxes. 

- Automatically throw you on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet.

- Follow fad diets, though I may take bits and pieces from some of them. 

- Believe in miracle foods or diets.

- Weight loss diets or protocols.

- Track your weight.

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