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Diet-Free, Happy Me! is a one-on-one Intuitive Eating program for women who care about health & well-being, love food, love eating, and really want to silence their inner food critic and eat in peace. By learning to challenge negative self-talk and societally engrained beliefs about food, body and health, women will feel empowered to feel at ease and confident around food... and enjoy warm bread and butter without the guilt!  

Embrace your inner foodie without guilt!

Do these sound familiar?

Coffee and criossant
  • You love good food but often find yourself feeling guilty for eating too much or the "wrong" foods?

  • You want to let go of weight loss desires, but find it really hard to accept your body. You still feel you'd be happier if you lost weight.

  • You care about health and feel you could be doing more to be healthier.

  • You're unsure of what the 'right' way to eat even is anymore. Who's right? Who's wrong? 

  • You heard gluten is bad. You're not even sure why that is, but you might avoid it anyway. 

  • You often plan to start eating better on Monday. 

  • You "should" yourself a lot, "I should be exercising more", "I shouldn't eat out so often"

At Paisley coffee in Hamilton

2023 MENU
(soon to be discontinued)

Mini Drumstick
triple cream brie

NEW 2024 MENU!

What if you...?

  • Learned to eat in peace

  • Stopped feeling out of control around food

  • Talked nicely to yourself

  • Made peace with your body

  • Stopped caring what others think

  • Took a huge weight off your shoulders by putting an end to food, health and weight obsession

  • And redirected your energy and resources to things that bring you joy, fulfillment and pleasure! 

It's totally possible!

White Washed Wood
Diet-Free, Happy Me! (4).png

Starts January 2024!

12 week menu
price list

Café Guidelines

You are actively pursuing weight loss

You're not ready to let go of dieting or other forms of food restriction

You're mainly looking for a health plan

You don't really want to get into the beneath the surface stuff of food and body

It's not because these desires & intentions are "bad" (they're not), they just don't align with Intuitive Eating, and are counter-productive to IE healing. Make sense? It's just to say that if, for example, weight loss is your goal, you need to visit a different café. But you're welcome to stay and browse!

Having said that...

It's OK if you still have desires to lose weight, but you're not actively pursuing it


It's OK if you still feel that restricting foods is the way to better health, but you're ready to do health differently

All these feelings and desires are OK. But the active pursuit of them will make intuitive eating coaching difficult since its based in a weight-neutral philosophy.


Diet-Free, Happy Me! may not be for you if..

Save your spot for January! 


Violeta's coaching helped me feel so much better. My relationship to food and overall well-being have really improved - including my digestion! I feel that this (Intuitive) way of eating and being has helped me to reclaim my power. I move my body most days and nourish it. I've been sleeping better. I am committed to self-care and feel better each day. 

- Amanda

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