A condition that is the root cause to many ailments is insulin resistance. One of the reasons is because insulin resistance is highly inflammatory. Chronic inflammation can lead to depression, fatigue, body pain, gastrointestinal issues, among others. It is estimated that one third of the population has insulin resistance. That is a lot of people! Insulin resistance doesn't occur without symptoms; however, many of the symptoms, like fatigue, sugar cravings, are considered normal in day-to-day life.

Insulin resistance occurs when the cells stop properly responding to insulin. Since sugar needs insulin for entry into the cell, they are both left 'standing at the door' waiting to be let in. The cell now has no sugar to make energy and the blood has more sugar than it needs. The higher blood sugar triggers more and more insulin release in order to bring sugar levels down. 

One of the reasons I enjoy working with people with blood sugar imbalances is because it is reversible. It isn't a death sentence! Contrarily, when insulin resistance is left unchecked it can lead to diabetes. Insulin resistance can happen for many years, which also means you have time to take action and strive towards optimal health.